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Live Cricket Score Australia vs New Zealand, 3rd Test, Day 4, Sydney

Live Cricket Score Australia vs New Zealand, 3rd Test, Day 4, Sydney

Lyon to continue. Four men around the bat, plus the keeper, for Watling, who is yet to open his account.

Back after Tea for the final session on Day 4. Or, final session of the game? We'll find out soon enough...

TEA:Well, that escalated quickly! Starc and Lyon have struck twice early in their opening spells to reduce New Zealand to 27 for 4 at Tea on Day 4. Ross Taylor is still out in the middle, wagging a long battle but I fear it's only a matter of time. Join us back in 20.

FOUR DOWN:Just for 22 runs on the board. And this is exactly similar to Raval's dismissal. Lyon appeals for caught behind, Dar raises his finger, this time belatedly though, Phillips thinks he hasn't hit it. Consults Taylor. Goes for a review. Loses NZ's second review as well.

Lyon joins the fun, and sends back Jeet Raval for the second time in the game.Dar's finger goes up instantly for the caught-behind appeal but Raval thinks he hasn't hit it. He consults Taylor and takes the review, only to be embarrassed by the Snicko. "There's a clear spike" says the TV umpire and Dar's decision stays. New Zealand three down and in dire straits.

And, another one for Starc!Latham reviews the LBW decision but it seemed right call to me. "Umpires call" on impact and the on-field call was out, so Latham will have to walk back! Length ball on the middle stumps, Latham fails to connect and the ball c crashes into his pads. New Zealand two down already.

WICKET: Oh, it's begun! Starc has struck! Brilliant catch by Lyon at backward point. A tempting half-volley and Blundell went for a square drive and nailed it too, but he failed to keep it grounded and is caught by Lyon as NZ lose their first wicket for just three runs on the board.

We're back! Latham and Blundell out in the middle. Starc has the new ball.

We have an update for you - New Zealand's target has been revised to 416 now, instead of 421. That's because of afive-run penalty imposed on Australia for both Labuschagne and Warner were found guilty of running on the pitch.

Labuschagne goes for a glory shot and holes out to long-on, prompting Tim Paine to declare with a lead of 420! Warner walks back on 111 not out and to a standing ovation. And then, he hands over his helmet and gloves to a young fan by the boundary line! Be back in 10 for New Zealand's reply.

The milestones are piling on! It's now acentury partnership between Warner and Labuschagne.

Hundred for Warner! Another dominating display from the Australian opener. Celebrates with his typical leap. Australia just a stroke away from a lead of 400, so no declaration yet. But it's coming soon. And, that's the half-century for Labuschagne.

We're back!

LUNCH! Australia have stretched their lead to 375 at the end of the morning session on Day 4.Warner is in punishing mood, and quickly marching towards yet another century this summer. New Zealand, meanwhile, could produce only one wicket but haven't managed to threaten Australia by any means. 450, ideally, and Australia would put NZ in. Whitewash is a matter of time unless NZ can muster the strength to bat four (or more) sessions for a consolation draw. Be back in 35!

50 partnership between Warner and Labuschagne.

150 up for Australia, and their lead is 353 now. Another 100 runs, we reckon, before they declare.

Breakthrough: An hour's hardwork rewarded. For NZ, that is. They get the wicket of Burns at the stroke of drinks break. Astle goes up in appeal but is denied the LBW. they review and it's three reds. Successful review and the on-field decision is overturned. Burns walks back after making 40 off 79. Time for a drink.

100 up for Australia. Also the century of the opening partnership between Warner and Burns.

Meanwhile, at the SCG - it's Test half-century no. 31 for David Warner!